I am a visual storyteller.  I use a camera to explore different narratives revolving around my place in my immediate environment. Both in my photobooks and my print-based projects, I create new storylines. Abstract and organic forms in my surroundings inform and propel my work. During the photographic process, I make discoveries about myself, the people I am close to, and my immediate situation. These visual narratives are open-ended, allowing viewers to create their own story about the objects and settings I photograph. 

Using both digital and analog photography, I synthesize the mediums into a hybrid, which forms the basis for my experiments in different formats including prints, photobooks, and transfers. Formal elements are prominent in my work -- they function as visual links that connect the images to my narratives.  My photographs are manipulated in post-production and abstracted to push these formal elements, as well as to create new ones. My art is a process by which I am able to explore both present and past feelings. I use my photography to identify with my hidden qualities and to better understand the world around me.  My work is a visual experience that gives viewers the opportunity to understand how I feel, then interpret and connect the work to their own lives.